Welcome to Home & Office Network Solutions, an electronics technology contractor. We design, install and service residential and commercial Data, Audio and Video systems in Pakistan. We specialize in Residential and Commercial networking infrastructure, with over 10+ years of experience on the commercial side and 14 years on the residential side.

Active Directory:

From planning to deployment we are Active Directory experts.  Already have an Active Directory server that you currently use?  We can keep that server running in 100% working order. We can set up and manage multiple domains with multiple Organization Units to suit any of your business needs and restrictions. Internal DHCP, DNS Services, Azure Integration, Office 365 Integration, Windows Server Update Services, Roaming Profiles, we can deploy all of these great features to your system to get a better handle on your computer network.

Backup and Recovery:

Do you have a backup solution?  Do you have an off-site backup solution?  If you answered no to either of these questions your current backup configuration might not be capable enough of protecting you from total data loss. We build customer backup systems to make sure your data is safe and secure in 2-3 different locations, on the same network as the server being backed up including offsite backup to protect against total data loss from a disaster at your server facility or your office.

Workstation Configuration and Maintenance:

We can build you a custom workstation to suit your business needs.  Whether it needs to be as fast as any cutting edge hardware will take you, to the most reliable, Computers need to be repaired ever once in a while, however, each computer should be maintained to achieve optimal computer performance increasing your employee’s productivity, and it’s all about the increased productivity.

Network Security:

Network Security is an organization’s strategy and provisions for ensuring the security of its assets and of all network traffic. Network security is manifested in an implementation of security policy, hardware, and software. For the purposes of this discussion, the following approach is adopted in an effort to view network security in its entirety:

  • Policy
  • Enforcement
  • Auditing


The IT Security Policy is the principal document for network security. Its goal is to outline the rules for ensuring the security of organizational assets.


Most definitions of network security are narrowed to the enforcement mechanism. Enforcement concerns analyzing all network traffic flows and should aim to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all systems and information on the network.


The auditing process of network security requires checking back on enforcement measures to determine how well they have aligned with the security policy. Auditing encourages continuous improvement by requiring organizations to reflect on the implementation of their policy on a consistent basis.

Disaster Recovery:

What do you do if an employee deletes an important file, loses a company laptop, company phone, or even worse you have a server malfunction or failure.  Do you have a plan for the time when this is most definitely going to happen to you? We can design a disaster recovery plan and deploy it according to your business’s needs.  Or we can check to make sure that if you currently have a disaster recovery plan in place that it is being maintained and adhere to any plan you may already have in place.

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