Telecommunication Solutions

Voice Broadcasting:

Do you have a voice message that you would like delivered to a group of people large or small?  An emergency message to parents of students or employees, Targeted marketing to your customers, whatever the case may be we have a turn-key solution to suit your business needs.

Simply provide us with a .wav file containing the message you want to be sent out and a .csv file containing all of the phone numbers you want called and we take care of the rest.

Phone Polling:

Automated phone surveys use a recorded voice poses questions to respondents, who reply using their phone keypads. Combine a friendly voice with automated phone surveying, and you’ve got a powerful, accessible way to engage audiences of all ages and demographics.

Our automated phone polling is a way for your organization to dramatically reduce the costs of running a phone poll.  We make the process as simple as possible for you the end user to start collecting the data you need today.

SMS Broadcasting:

Text messaging aka SMS messaging is one of the latest ways of communicating with your clients.  We have designed systems that can be used to directly market or communicate with your customers or employees via SMS messaging.

Responses can be monitored and stored in a database for retention and analysis purposes.

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